Hydraulic Press Pizza Is Definitely Not The Best Pizza You’ve Ever Had

There’s a lot of great pizza out there, but how much of it is made with a hydraulic press and some sort of giant fire machine? 

Not too much. And there’s a good reason for that. We’re big fans of the folks at YouTube’s Hydraulic Press Channel, but this pizza looks terrible! The ingredients are all there, but someone really needs to work on their kitchen technique.

Mamma Mia!

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‘Teen Wolf’ Heartthrob Tyler Posey Slammed For Pretending To Come Out On Snapchat

Tyler Posey just accomplished a feat previously unknown to man: out gay-baiting show “Teen Wolf.” 

For years, the supernatural MTV thriller has dangled the possibility of full-fledged same-sex pairings, only to shuffle gay characters off the series and never deliver on its minor representational wins. 

Given this context, a Snapchat video of Posey announcing that he was gay in front of a sign labeled Gay St. understandably caused quite a stir on social media. 

“This is me. I am this and this is me. I’ve never felt more alive,” Posey says in the video, before turning the camera on himself to yell, “I’m gay!”

Except — not really.  

Posey later addressed his comments on social media in a series of tweets, explaining that by exclaiming “I’m gay” he was trying to support LGBTQ community. But the 24-year-old also made clear that he is actually heterosexual and regrets offending anybody who has struggled to come out. 

Hilarious, right? Not to “Teen Wolf” fans who believed that Posey was legitimately coming out ― or to anybody with a basic sensitivity to the LGBTQ community. 

Will queer folks continue to tune into “Teen Wolf” after this debacle? Only time will tell. 

Anti-gay senator told to step down after ‘sex video’ found on his work laptop

A Republican state senator has learned the hard way about being too concerned with what other people do in their bedroom, and looks set to resign after a video of him having sex was found on his work computer.

Nebraska Republican state senator Bill Kintner faces calls to resign from many, including the governor of his state, after the video was found.


It has not been revealed the nature of the “sexually explicit video involving Kintner”.

The married senator is anti-LGBT, anti-abortion and has been accused of racism.

It has been reported that Kintner alerted the Nebraska State Patrol after he fell for “what he believed to be a potential internet scam that occurred while the senator was in Massachusetts using his state computer,” said a State Patrol spokesman on Friday.

Republican Governor Pete Ricketts is among those calling for the senator to resign “if the allegations were true,” saying he had spoken to him on the phone.

“Due to the ongoing investigation of this issue, I have been unable to say anything publicly,” the governor said in a statement.

“If the allegations are true, Senator Kintner needs to resign.”

The case has been handed over to the ethics watchdog group The Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission.

The Commission is expected to come back with an answer on the case on 5 August.

Kintner is married to the governor’s chief policy advisor, Lauren Kintner.

A strong opponent of same-sex marriage, the senator is reported to have “loudly opposed same-sex marriage, gay adoption, and transgender rights. He has also publicly declared that Christians should let gays know their business isn’t wanted by providing them with bad service.”

He has also been accused of racism, and was previously strongly criticised for posting a photo of a beheaded woman to show his support for the death penalty.

Far-right group interrupts Stockholm Pride because ‘family values are threatened’

Far right activists admitting interrupting Pride in Stockholm, claiming that “traditional family values” are “threatened”.

Nordisk Ungdom, or Nordic Youth, admitted to attempting to interrupting the Pride event on Saturday.

Swedish minister for education Gustav Fridolin (L) and Swedish prime minister Stefan Loefven take part at the Pride parade, in Stockholm

Speaking to Göteborgs-Posten, spokesman Fredrik Hagberg confirmed that the group had attempted to counter protest during the festivities leading to a scuffle.

He said: “We were there to demonstrate against Pride. We need a critical voice that demonstrates in the name of the traditional family values.
We think that they are threatened. Pride encourages things that harm the traditional family values. It’s not about love any longer.

“I think you can have sex with whoever you want. But Pride encourages a culture that is extremely bad.”

He did not say whether the group would leave alone the Pride event for the rest of the day.

Spokesman for Stockholm Police, Lars Byström added: “A group presented a message that the audience did not like. A minor fight broke out before we could reach the location. We have taken a few people into custody now that will either be taken to the police station or removed from the premises”

It is suspected that the group have breached the Public Order Act by trying to demonstrate without permission.

Despite police having the situation under control, Expressen newspaper reporter Tomas Kvarnkullen said Pride-goers were “lucky” that something worse had not broken out.

He said: “There were only three or four police officers close by who tried to fend off the group. Police beat the group with batons.”

One of the men was wearing a Nordisk Ungdom shirt, but Kvarnkullen said it was unclear whether the fact that he was wearing the shirt was what got people so upset.

Pride Park, a paid area, is where festivities continued after the incident. It is a ticketed area.